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Taking care of your body and mind should be fun, and anyone who says, "No Pain, No Gain," drop them like a bad habit!

That's not my style and not what I've found for long term success. The word DIET also doesn't exist in my book, how much fun is that?

Really Sista... We're training for life!

So we can keep up with the kids, enjoy walking the dog, feel sexy on "date night", and truly look in the mirror and feel proud.  In order to do that, you have to throw out the rules!

For fitness, I believe in finding a program that matches not only your goals but your personality.

Sometimes I love to plug in my earbuds and run to PINK re-mixes, and other times I want to lift in my home gym (and still blast PINK). She makes me move, what can I say?

If it's been a crazy day, I grab my daughter, my laptop, and press play with an at home workout, and we we laugh like there's no tomorrow. 

Those little moments matter...

My kids also join me in the kitchen, where there is no shortage of tunes blasting or belly laughs when we make dinner.

I am showing them that taking care of your body can be fun. .... and a few extra calories laughing never hurt anyone!

Whether it's 1:1 coaching, group coaching, or help taking back your family and tackling the tough stuff, I'm here. We'll find the best option.

I believe all people and families are different. It's not a one size fits all when it comes to health and wellness.

Real Women, Real Stories

  • After many failed attempts at losing weight and being fit, with and without personal trainers, I found Nicole!  Nicole is a very knowledgeable trainer who not only helped me lose nearly 50 pounds, but to also become more fit than I've been in my life!! She uses functional training techniques along with weight training to sculpt the body into its best and most fit form. She is also my mentor as I take the steps to become a certified personal trainer myself!
    - Sandi Testut

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