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Fitness Should Be Fun!

Nicole Naples Personal Training

Let's get in, get it done, and laugh along the way. I get it, you're busy!

That's why my sessions are 30 minutes and designed to work your full body in a short amount of time. But it's not just about our body. Our inner voice can make it or break it, and if you're a parent, that's the same voice we pass onto our kids.

I promise, its not a therapy session, but a good sweat, and a great laugh can transform the way you interact with your family.

  • After many failed attempts at losing weight and being fit, with and without personal trainers, I found Nicole!  Nicole is a very knowledgeable trainer who not only helped me lose nearly 50 pounds, but to also become more fit than I've been in my life!! She uses functional training techniques along with weight training to sculpt the body into its best and most fit form. She is also my mentor as I take the steps to become a certified personal trainer myself!
    - Sandi Testut

We start by making YOU stronger, happier, leaner, and full of energy to tackle what life throws our way.

And the best part is we have fun and the time flies!

Not only will we exercise, but I'll give you strategies to be successful day -to-day. Anything I can do to make your life easier!

Send me a message below to find out more about my Personal Training programs!

Real Women, Real Stories

  • As a full time working mom, cancer survivor, and approaching the age of 50, I've benefited tremendously from Nicole's coaching on having a healthy mind and body. Her advice shows me how to balance my priorities to make better choices every day.
    - Amy B

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