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Nicole Naples Girl Code Inc.

Girl Code Inc.

Parents, we don't have to do it alone!

We want to help our children as they problem solve and make their own choices everyday. We may not have all the answers, but my daughter and I created this group to bridge the gap in communication, and to create a fun and open space to connect.

In addition to our private online community, we meet in person as parents, tweens, and teens to navigate the tough stuff and connect with a hug and a smile.

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My kids laid around a lot this summer and I'm OK with it! (Insert Eyeroll!)

My kids laid around a lot this summer and I'm OK with it! (Insert Eyeroll!)

Posted Jul 29th, 2019 in Family

Have you ever "Unscheduled" your summer? It was a first for us. And I have to say the pros out-weighed the cons. Don't get me wrong, sitting around can cause some arguments. (And it has...just last night!) Typically, We are an active family. I mean REALLY active. From sunrise to sunset we are moving. I rarely sit. So much that when I do sit, the kids ask me if I am sick. Not kidding!

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