"Foodies on Friday"

Foodies On Friday

Feeling uninspired in the kitchen? Need to get meals on the table fast? I'm a working mom, I get it!

These healthy and delicious meals will keep things fresh and fun in the kitchen each week!

Veggie Fries!

Veggie Fries! Save money, fat and calories with these 3 types of veggie fries! So good! Goes nicely with lunches and dinner! Send a message for complete recipe!

Farro Salad

Farro is a grain grown in Italy and has a nutty flavor. Farro can be served hot or cold. This is a great tasty salad you can add to any dinner. Great as a summer side dish for a BBQ too! 

Kid Approved Rice Cake Snack

This is a quick, easy nutritious snack that kids can make themselves or any adult will enjoy. Keep individual packets in the car for those on the go evenings or after school activities! Or just for those long car rides. 1 Organic Brown Rice Cake 1 tsp Favorite Nut Butter (I prefer Barney Almond Butter or Justins Nut Butter) 1 tsp Nuttella Or Nocciolata (Organic Brand) Bananas,Strawberries, Blueberries, or any Favorite Fruit sliced thin. 


Want more great recipes? Send me a message below.

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  • As a full time working mom, cancer survivor, and approaching the age of 50, I've benefited tremendously from Nicole's coaching on having a healthy mind and body. Her advice shows me how to balance my priorities to make better choices every day.
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