Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk With Nicole and GG

Parenting young tweens and teens isn't for the weak!

But, sometimes we feel like our kid is the only one struggling, or we're the only parent that doesn't know the answer. It's not true! We're not alone and that's why G.G. and I started "Coffee Talk."

It's like a soap opera, but REAL LIFE.

We laugh, we cry, we share the real-in-the moment- interactions between mom and daughter.

I know you'll find value and a sense of connection with my daughter and I, and if you have a question, please submit it before hand and we'll address it LIVE on our next show.

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Coffee Talk with Nicole and GG.

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Real Women, Real Stories

  • After many failed attempts at losing weight and being fit, with and without personal trainers, I found Nicole!  Nicole is a very knowledgeable trainer who not only helped me lose nearly 50 pounds, but to also become more fit than I've been in my life!! She uses functional training techniques along with weight training to sculpt the body into its best and most fit form. She is also my mentor as I take the steps to become a certified personal trainer myself!
    - Sandi Testut

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