Thank You to the MOMS who got me through the elementary school years- Part 2

Posted Nov 20th, 2019 in Family

Thank You to the MOMS who got me through the elementary school years- Part 2

Circa First Day of Kindergarten for first born.......

Husband: "What happened to the bushes outside?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

Husband: "They look like someone attempted to trim them?" (Eyes squinting and questioning me.)

Me: "Oh, yeah. You see, I had nervous energy and I needed to get it out. Sorry." (Shoulder shrug hoping he's gonna forgive me.)

Thank goodness he didn't get upset. Let's just say I would never be hired to make topiaries!

It was the first day of Kindergarten for my first born. I was the only one who was able to care for him, feed him, teach him, etc... or so I thought. I took my stay at home mama job serious. I mean this is our future and he is not a baby, he is a young adult. Someday he will have to get up without me, feed himself, bathe himself, earn money and have a family. He was ready but I was not.

Slow Down Sista....It's Kindergarten. I couldn't stop the thoughts. Thank goodness I put his chips in a "baggie" the first day of Kindergarten. Because in preschool, the teacher wouldn't open his snack size chip bag and he did not get to eat them during snack time. The voice of reason calmed me down and said, "Nicole, just put them in a baggie so he doesn't have to ask for help." "Oh, yeah that's a good idea Mom, Thanks!" And we have been working on hopping on one foot because his report card in preschool said he had trouble hopping on one foot. Really? I am a personal trainer. I would like a re-do. 

On the first day of Kindergarten, as I was walking into the school, beside me was a mom and a friend for Anthony.



"Mrs. X class?"


Perfect. She looked just as nervous as I did. Same class, thank goodness. We stuck those 2 boys together and that was it. Inseparable since then. And I had a new best friend too. You need one of these when you enter Elementary School for the first time. Choose wisely!

You need this mom to call when your kid forgets his sight words and you have to study for this "test." Not called a test cause we can't stress out our kids. (eye roll) Will he get into college if he gets an "N?"

You need this mom when you don't get picked for the field trip and want to make sure he's in her group.

You need this mom to go to your first AND last PTO meeting and grab a drink afterwards. Here's a tip.....Do not give any suggestions at your first meeting, you will then be signed up for that event to organize, run and expected to make $$$$$$. (You are welcome mama, just wear beige and sit quiet until you learn the ropes!)

(Courtesy Of Bad Moms)

You need this mom when you have another monster at home and have to share watching the kids so you can volunteer for holiday parties.

You need this mom for weekend fun and pray that your hubs get along. That's a WIN WIN for everyone!

You need this mom on the Emergency Contact Form. It's rarely called but that has to be filed out in case of a natural disaster!

You need that mama to plan your kids birthday party around because you don't know many other kids and you can count on her being there!

You need that mama to call when you think you aren't doing enough and can't keep up with everyone else and she makes you realize that you are doing just great!

You need that mama when the other mamas have full time jobs and you feel you are not pulling your weight at home. She helps you stop playing the comparison game! 

You need that mama when you are start to really lose yourself and your identity in your kids and start to question if what you are doing is right for you and your family. 

You need her. This is the similar to the mama you needed in the preschool years.(see previous BLOG) The type of mama you share your darkest secrets. The one who won't judge you. The one you share the doubts in your head about marriage, parenting, family, friends. 

You need her for those laugh til you pee your pants moments. The moments when you get your kids horrific school picture and send her a snapshot. You know she will hysterically laugh and then immediately delete the text and never bring it up again. She's got your back.

You need her for the moments when you make an idiot of yourself in your kids school. She will appreciate your disaster and laugh and send GIFS a week later. 

You need her A LOT. You can't imagine ever going through the elementary school years without her. 

For those of you who are new to school, chose her wisely and those of you who have been there done that, call her and tell her you love her! 

Ain't no memories like the school year memories! 

(Courtesy of Bad Moms)

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