Some girls just don't mix......and it's ok.

Posted Jun 10th, 2019 in Family

Some girls just don't mix......and it's ok.

I can still hear my mom singing that song to me. I was a Brownie and I can remember sitting in the church basement for my meeting with my little brown dress and bonnet with those bobby pins dug into my head because my hair was so thin.

(On a side note, one year I sold the most cookies, I forgot what I won but I knocked on every door and my mom delivered every single last box with me. I had bragging rights that year.)

Here's a huge lesson I want for my daughter:

We will not do "Flavor of the month friends." That's what I told her during a recent discussion. It's not easy with girls. Especially if your girl has different friends from many different pockets of her life. Friends since play-pen days, mom's group friends, elementary school friends, sports friends, new middle school friends, neighbors, mom's friends kids.

And she had a hard piece of reality hit lately. NOT ALL FRIENDS MAY INTERMINGLE.

Insert stress for girls. Your girl loves all of her friends, they all have different personalities, right?!?  But then it happens. They invite multiple friends to an event and then she realizes they just don't mix.

As a mom, we want to say, "Everyone should get along, this is ridiculous." Then your girl does the "make up story" deal and tries to get out of the web she has built. You feel me mamas? But let me ask you this:

When I sit back and think of the different friends I have, some just don't mix. I mean it would make great reality TV but until Andy Cohen comes knocking on my door for Real Housewives of NOVA, it ain't happening sista. So why are we trying to force our girl to do the same? 

As we sat on the deck, tears in her eyes, I said hey G, "You know, there may be a time when you can connect these girls but it's ok to NOT have them all together." And honestly, G will realize that she may not mix with her friend's other friends.... AND IT'S OK!

If they figure this out now, MAN! Can you just imagine what stress they will eliminate from  their future life of trying to please EVERYONE!

So then in my head, I started singing:

If I sang that out loud, she may or may not have thrown a pillow at me and I would have heard:


"I KNOW......AH"


Why do they put "AH" at the end of every word.....

It's so "Annoying......AH!"

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