Yep....I make their lunch, breakfast and will bring in their HW if they forgot it...

Posted Jun 2nd, 2019 in Family

Yep....I make their lunch, breakfast and will bring in their HW if they forgot it...

Original rules we set as parents:

You can forget your homework once and I will bring it but then that's it, after that, you are out of luck.

Forgot your shoes for practice?...too bad, run barefoot. (this actually happened)

You can't stomach that breakfast? Too bad eat it anyway.

You need a day off? For what? NO way!

The list goes on and these rules just didn't last. They didn't make sense to me as the kids grew up. We didn't bend them, we just adjusted to what we felt was right for our crew.

Some of you may call this "babying,"  or a "helicopter mom," or a "hover mother." Or that I am raising sissy's and not adults. 

I beg to differ and here's why:

I am watching my kids grow up. A lot different than I did. There were a ton less pressures growing up.

Just this past year alone we dealt with new school, new friends, new sports teams, rigorous classes, after school activities and so much more. And that's just at school. Social life, friends, peer pressure, social media, cliques, OH MY!  Hormones, family time, work, travel, expectations and so much more.

I consider myself a strict mom. I like manners at the table, eye contact when speaking, a firm handshake and helping around the house. Other areas not so strict.

I cannot imagine nor do I ever wish to go back to Middle School or High School and grow up in this world. Most say, they have it easy. Really? When we have apps like Life 360 and we know when they enter the neighborhood. I have it too, I am guilty of knowing too much! Every second of their life is accounted for. That has to be ANNOYING (I can hear G saying that)........ Do you want someone knowing your every move? I guess our grandchildren's newborn checklist will look like this:

Hearing Test


Bilirubin Test

GPS Chip Reader Implant

I mean come on, when they are faced with taking HS classes that aim you towards a career....That is unreal and overwhelming. Not for us, sorry! How are we to decide when we are 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 what we want to do for the rest of our life. I get the specialized classes but graduating HS with 2 years of college under your belt as well? I think back to my HS years and immediately think.....HELL TO THE NO!

My husband said to me today, "He loves going to work," and I replied, "Yeah cause it's HIS, we are no part of it!" I don't blame him for wanting to go. I think my hubs thought it was a good idea too! LOL- A great escape

Check out this stat:

(Oh and by the way...NO, I am not an Dr. or an expert nor do I claim to be....just a mom trying to share and be real for those that want to hear it. xo, mamas!)

If I can help with a teeny tiny bit of the stress, "You Got it Dude or Dudette!"

If you forget your homework once in a while, I will support you and bring it if I can.

If you forget your shoes for practice, I will support you and drop them off.

If you really can't stomach breakfast or a new meal, I will support you and try to make an accommodation. (this one is tough but still learning!)

If you need a day off, want to come home early and JUST NEED A BREAK..... I support you! I will come get you and run through Chick-fil-A and give you a "Mental Health Day Off." 

There are a couple mentor moms I look up to and have showed me this way. They are a constant reminder of what is important. Too easy we can get caught up in the hype, me included and I need that "Snap Out of It Moment" from Moonstruck. One mentor always says, "Do you want them stressed or happy?"  Sometimes, a simple question is all we need.

Snap out of it,


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