The Naples made history. Yours can too (LOL). Unless you are perfect!

Posted May 29th, 2019 in Family

The Naples made history. Yours can too (LOL). Unless you are perfect!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Can you believe this freaking happened? 

Picture it, Anthony, 10:39pm, our room on a school night, antagonizing Gino and Paul is furious. I let it go because I know in a few years I will miss this. 3 Years and Anthony is off to college. And if you know "Goofy" Anthony, you know that he is freaking hysterical. I mean so funny that when even when Paul and G are mad at him they can't help but break out into a laugh! 

Paul is screaming the usual:







It now starts to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher, "WAH WAH WAHAHAHAHWAHH" and honestly I am not being helpful. I think to myself, not long and this is over. Will Paul and I make it? HAHA! Of course we will! 

Finally Anthony heads off to bed and we hear from GG's room, "YOU ARE ALL SO ANNOYING!"

Does any of this sound like your house on any given night? I sure hope so!

The next morning, Paul enters the kitchen and I can't look him in the eye. I was trying not to smirk but I was also a bit nervous. It reminded me of when I had a crush on him in the 8th grade. I had to turn my head cause I was smiling but was waiting to get scolded! I still thought it was kind of funny.

"Nicole, it makes me angry when you allow Anthony to be in our room when it's late because I am tired and I need to get to bed."

UMMMMMM, he didn't yell at me. Ok, so then I say, "Paul, it makes me sad when you yell at the kids every night because I don't want them remembering you yelling at them right before bed."

Did you read that? Go back and read it. He is 42 and I am 43 and we have been together since the 8th grade. (yeah you read that right!) We just had our very first adult conversation without screaming and without being defensive. Normally we would both make excuses and go no where with the argument and have the kids making passive aggressive comments.

In a nutshell, the Naples made history. Not sure it will happen again but I sure as hell hope so!

Was Paul eavesdropping on our Girl Code Inc. call? Here is the short of it. In Girl Code Inc. this past month we have been working on verbalizing feelings. Cause mamas and papas we don't do that well or AT ALL. Paul and I and our kids were not taught that....YET! So I wanted to give my girl GG and my family the tools to be able to start verbalizing feelings. I reached out to my fav Dr. Therapist and enlisted her to teach our Girl Code Inc. mamas and girls how to learn this skill. 

Dr. M gave us this Framework. Shortly after we learned it, GG and I practiced the framework but it turned into a R rated homework sesh, totally inappropriate and cannot be repeated but "SHE" started it! (Sometimes I have no self-control!)

Here it is:

I had to share this because it's working and if any of you out there say you don't need this....well then ummmmm, your nose is growing. And if you can relate to this story or any of it then we need to hang out! 

And if you are a mama and a girl and want a community of peeps to learn more of these skills, head over to our FB Page @ Girl Code Inc. Girls. I created this space because GG and I needed support. We don't have the answers but we will sure look for them and share! 



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