Let me get this straight.....you think I am not girly enough because I have short hair?

Posted May 22nd, 2019 in Family

Let me get this straight.....you think I am not girly enough because I have short hair?


Let me get this straight...

YOU think I am not girly enough because I like sports, my hair is short, I have a strong personality, wear a hat when I workout and love to lift. You think I should be more feminine. 

This is me, growing up. I have been judged my entire life. But hold up, I have judged to so don't go feeling all sorry for me or roll your eyes or think, "POOR YOU!"

I thought this way because for years others would tell me I should think this way. My mom and dad NEVER said these things. Look, my mom always encouraged short hair and didn't always give me the best fashion advice. She was the typical Italian mom with the velour matching outfit (G called them her "track suits" and my mom would crack up!). She wore 5-10 gold chains at a time.  NO JOKE, growing up her nickname was "MRS. T." She loved her jewelry, that was her vice. And I never lost her in a store because I could hear those 18K gold bangle bracelets anywhere!

My mom had her hair done twice a week at the "beauty parlor" and I called it her "Republican" hair do. Come on, you know for years they all had the same hairstyle. So, even though I wanted for nothing, her fashion style was not my fashion style and maybe I needed a little help in that area. (I know you are giggling up there! xoxo)

For years, I dreamed of having a girl with my personality but with Paul's coloring, long brown hair, taller than I would ever be (clearly that's not asking much) and olive skin. You know, more feminine than I was. Or more feminine than some others thought I should be. Be careful what you ask for.

On September 18, 2006 GG arrived and she was beautiful. Olive skin, dark hair and grew up exactly how I wanted the outside to grow up. Guess what mama, being judged and insecurities still came. They came in a different package. Ones that I wasn't too familiar with. 

What's my point? We all have insecurities based on what others think of us. We take them in, give them food and shelter, we spend so much time with these insecurities and then they slowly rip us a part.

I am watching my insecurities finally start to disappear and I am embracing what others think of me. Too loud, to opinionated, too MUCH. I am loving it and here's why. (They actually opened up my eyes and did me a favor!)

Open up your ears mama and listen to this, I want to tell you something that came to me on a jog today:

Other peoples opinions of you are their weakness and your strength! DID YOU HEAR ME?

Your strength is their weakness! And sadly, some women and girls will try to make you believe that you need to sit down, be quiet, be more feminine, be more girly, be more submissive. And that's not cool.

What I want for GG and all girls across the land:

Be confident in your skin, be confident in your beliefs, advocate for yourself yet still be kind and classy. Acknowledge that others may try to steal your sunshine but instead of tearing them down, fix their crown! They need it. 

THIS IS GIRL CODE INC. We all have to lift each other up, learn from one another and stop the judging.  Let's get to know each other!

PS- There is nothing I love more than a fabulous dress with high heels that make me feel amazing, hair done, make-up on point and my pearls! LOL 



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