Don't you dare give them the gun.......

Posted May 10th, 2019 in Family

Don't you dare give them the gun.......

“Don’t you dare give anyone the gun!"

Wait! Hold up! As usual this is an inappropriate statement by me so let me re-phrase:

"Don't you dare give anyone the pen to write the ending to your story”…

For the hour,

For the day,

For the year

and for your life.

Don’t you dare allow someone to make you feel as though you are less worthy than you are, my beautiful child.

There are so many broken sweet souls out there that only know if they hurt someone then in return they feel better.  It’s not their fault. I was once a broken sweet soul. 

I believe everyone should be given the chance to be treated like royalty. And for some, they may just need someone (you or me) to help fix their crooked crown.

TODAY! I feel as though more than ever we need to help each other rise instead of tear each other down. I see it everywhere. Don’t you? Were you ever a part of it? I was sister and it’s ok to say you are guilty but it's even more empowering to make the choice to change.

But in the mean time, while we raise these kids who may also have a crooked crown now and then or need some confidence built up, we MUST teach them  they are one word….


Worthy of happiness.

Worthy of good grades.

Worthy of kind friends.

Worthy of parents kissing them goodnight no matter their age.

Worthy of dreaming and reaching milestones.

Worthy of the world in their hands.

Worthy of having the best skin in FORTNITE.

OK, OK calm yourself, I know I am getting a little out of hand here!

Yet along the way they may have someone that wants to take their pen (aka gun) and write their ending for them. Your job is to love your child and tell them they are worthy of taking back that pen and writing their own ending. It is NOT your job to tear other women or girls down. It is your job to teach courage and confidence.

Now-Now- I wear pink on Wednesdays and I have been heard using the term, "The Plastics." It's a classic movie! (Remember, I am real too! Not gonna sugar coat ANYTHING!)

Personal Story: My mom would teach me that people WILL NOT change unless they go through a "Significant Emotional Event." I get it now...these events are life changing. Clearly, I had one. (Thank you "Butters", you are still by my side no matter the distance.)

Recently I had a "Significant Emotional Event" where someone took my pen and started writing the ending to my story…

With a “SHARPIE.”   It was ugly and I was torn to pieces. Someone wanted to literally write my story. And for a hot minute, I let them. In fact, it happened for years. Yes, little miss confident Nicole Naples. I guess I didn’t feel Worthy enough.

I needed this wake up call and I took that SHARPIE back, grabbed a colorful box of Crayola Crayons and drew a beautiful rainbow.

I am WORTHY of a beautiful life.

I am WORTHY of having control.

I am WORTHY of a happy marriage and family.

I am WORTHY of saying NO.

And guess what mama:

YOU ARE WORTHY TOO! Your child is WORTHY! I will say it again,

All of you are WORTHY!

Your job today is make someone feel WORTHY! Just one person! Can you do that? Yeah you can!

Love all you mamas out there who mess up daily yet still want change like me,



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