Dear Standardized Learning Test,

Posted May 3rd, 2019 in Family

Dear Standardized Learning Test,

Dear Standardized Learning Test,

I am a bit frustrated with you right now. In fact, I am furious. I really don’t get what you are trying to do. Scare the teachers out of their jobs? Give kids test taking anxiety? Or, strip students of self-confidence?

Yes, I am a disgruntled parent and let me tell you why. It’s 2019. Wake up! The world we live in today is crazy! In the classrooms you expect the teachers to connect, empower, grow and elevate these young minds. Then you flip a switch and BAM……. you motivate the teachers to make these kids believe that their job is on the line if THEY don’t perform.

I just can’t anymore! My son who is a Freshman will be taking Math today. He’s a bright boy. (When he wants to apply himself) You may know kids like him. Doesn’t really have to study. Can get by with B’s but if he looked at a book at least once a week he could get straight A’s. He’s the quiet kid. The one you love. Just do your work and pass the SOL. You count on him to pass.  Secretly, I want him to miss to mess with your numbers. I got YOUR number SOL…..

Then I have my girl. She studies her butt of and gets A’s and B’s. Her effort is great. We struggled to get there and now she’s got it. GG has a special way of connecting with teachers. They like her, they want to help her. They love to see her WIN. But then you come in to blindly sweep the rug from under her. All that hard work this year, you just took it away without even asking her mother and that PI**ES me off.

Here’s a thought, how about reaching out to us, the mamas and papas who pick these kids up off the floor when they don’t get the # that YOU NEED! How about diving a little deeper with your parents.  I need you to hear what I have to say to the educators out there, NOT YOU SOL! (Standards of Learning or $h*t Out of Luck, either apply!)

Thank you to the Kindergarten teacher who taught GG to clean under her nails because that’s where germs lie.
LESSON: Self-Care is important.

Thank you to the teacher(s) who never gave up on my kids when they struggled. Thank you for the extra hours you put in before and after school to meet with them. By doing this, they learned that you never give up on anyone!
LESSON: Be a Goal Digger!

Thank you to the principal who saw a determined little girl and gave her the skills to speak in front of the Superintendent, hundreds of kids and parents. Public speaking is a skill not tested on the SOL.
LESSON: Challenge yourself, surround yourself with others who have a skill you want to master.

Thank you to the 5th grade teacher who gave my son multiple projects that when it came time for me to do a power point, he became the teacher.
LESSON: Be a teacher not a drill sergeant.

Thank you for the elementary school Basketball team where a “family” was built. Years of memories. And thank you to the PE teacher who spent hours with each one of my kids to master a skill.
LESSON: Be involved in your community and give back.  The ROI is priceless. (Return On Investment)

Thank you to the Guidance Counselors who have counseled my kids during times when they needed a kick in the pants or knowing there is a safe place to discuss school, parents, friends, etc…
LESSON: When you need help, ASK for it! That’s where success lies!

Thank you to the High School teacher who gave my kid another chance. Didn’t have too but realized that kids sometimes need someone to say, I believe in you.
LESSON: If you make a mistake, learn from it and rise up! Then study your A$$ off and show them you deserved the second chance!

Thank you to the principal who showed us even though you are student, you matter, you have a voice.
LESSON: Advocate for yourself and be a leader!

Thank you to the team of teachers who gave my kiddo armor and showed her the way. Increased her confidence, taught her study skills and gave her words of encouragement instead of defeat which you have done Mr. SOL. (Or Mrs....but does it really matter?)
LESSON: Ask for help. Put in the work. Persevere.

Need I say more?

Do you watch the kids getting dropped off at school by their parents because they are nervous to take the long bus ride and want a quiet ride to school?  That was me and GG today.

Did you check the bathroom for the kids about to vomit from the stress you placed on them?

Did you over hear the negative self-talk from the kids who are afraid of failing?

Do you realize that some of these kids have A’s and B’s on their report cards yet still barely pass or fail your stupid test? Hmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn I mean WAKE UP!

Did you once tell them that college doesn’t need them? That you threaten them if they don’t pass, they won’t graduate High School? Then you will place them in a class until they pass?  That’s BS, I just don’t  agree with your lesson. Can you explain to me why you think this process will help our kids to be successful?

"Hate" is strong word and my mama doesn’t like it so I say this in my final words:

I DISLIKE all that you stand for and represent. I DISLIKE the energy you put into our school system and no more will my family put any more energy into YOU! You don't deserve it. 


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