"He's a boy, it's all normal" (Input Choice Words, then throw up!)

Posted Apr 27th, 2019 in Family

I grabbed my head and started to cry and thought, "Oh NO! He is me, I gave him that gene." That gene where you are a disorganized adult. Also the "Squirrel Gene." That's how my co-worker explained it yesterday and I was like...YES!!! You nailed it, that's me! I have the Squirrel Gene. I think we were meant to work together! 

See, squirrel, I got off track!

I was NOT going upstairs (I was in the gym) until the yelling ended. Ok, screaming! It was 6:25am and he's gonna miss his bus. I apparently had moved his lax stick, on purpose mind you. I sat very still like there was a lion about to attack. I was not entering that den until they left the jungle!

Not to mention he stayed up late because he forgot to do his homework. I thought and probably said out loud a few times, "You didn't forget to purchase $68 from itunes for probably Fortnite." "You didn't forget to play video games for a zillion hours since we weren't home to parent you this weekend."

I did what I do well, contacted everyone that I could think of to try and get answers. I contacted a teacher, my parenting mentor, talked to every mom that walked by me at the club to see how their boy was doing. I asked a retired principal who just gave it to me straight, thanks Laraine xoxo! Every boy mom seemed to have been going through the same thing......

Boys will be boys, I guess.

Then this happens:

1. The "where did I go wrong" questioning.

2.  Blaming the other parent for what they did or didn't do the past umpteen years.

3. Looking for other school options.

4. Googling organizational camps, which I found at Villanova for 3K a week. Or Stanford, the other location. Yep, they have these camps and I am not in the financial bracket to send him there. I am a lunatic! I know!

5. Asking every person you see their opinion, even the cashier at Wegmans. Stop right there before you go ahead judging me, you have done it before too.

6. Question that staying home for 14 years was the worst thing I could have done to prepare him for adulthood, he waits for his breakfast every morning. (I won't stop this one! #sorrynotsorry) 

You do it to, don't you? But I have to say the arguments with G are longer and about 10 octaves higher. Not to mention she is me so she is having the last word. 

Throughout the day (and this was the only thing on my mind) I thought; If I want him to be more organized and motivated, then I need to be more organized. I'm a hot mess. Like for example, I handed Anthony my phone last night to study for Spanish on a website. Then I looked at him as said, I can't find my phone. He looked at me like I was sweet but a psycho. 
Scatter brain + Squirrel Gene = Lucille Ball.

Thats' me mama! LOL, seriously I just laughed out loud at myself! 

Solution: my brother from another mutha asked me, you don't have a family calendar? I was like...NOOOO???? Then he showed me the way. Google Calendar. Some of you may be thinking, DUHHHHHHHH! But for someone who is like me this helped a great deal so I needed to share.

All 4 of us are now on a Google Family Calendar, each with a different color so we know each others schedule. Anthony has a separate Google calendar to use as an agenda. He's not a hand written agenda kind of kid so we are trying this. 

Sometimes you just have to take the advice of friends when they offer help. You have to be vulnerable. Where you have a strength, they have a weakness. Thanks L.A.!

Have a great non-screaming, squirreless week!


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