Middle School is rough, don't be "THAT" girl....I was her!

Posted Apr 17th, 2019 in Family

Middle School is rough, don't be

We all remember "that" girl or "that" boy.

You know what I am talking about. You remember the ones who left the lasting impressions. OMG! Guess what mine was? My mom had me cut my hair real short. I was awkward the way it was, I had glasses and back then glasses were not cool like they are today.

"D.A." they nicknamed me. Short for "Ducks Ass."

The back of my head literally looked like Donald Ducks ass. Feathered. I also had blue glasses. BLUE! And they were thick. I remember one time in college, my friend, Ian, picked them up and said , "I can see to the future in these." That's how thick they were. People said they were as thick as coke bottles.


So I wished for a girl with my "outgoingness" but who looked like Paul. (Be careful what you wish for.LOL) I got one. And if you know G, well... the apple didn't fall far. Couldn't anyway I am barely 5 feet!

But I suffered the Middle School years so hopefully G doesn't have to. I hope it skipped a generation. I'll be there for her kids to help them through! She has olive skin, straight hair and is cute. I was NOT CUTE! I am cracking up because I am dead serious, I WAS NOT CUTE! And my mother, god rest her soul, dressed me like we lived in Walnut Grove from Little House on the Prairie.

Reel it back in, Nicole........ I pick up Gianna from school last week and I look at her eyelashes. I am not subtle. I cannot let her do this to herself. She no way needs mascara but is determined to wear it. And if she is like me she will sneak it into school like the time my mom made me wear a dress to our FRIDAY Pep Rally but I snuck jeans in my backpack and changed in school. Wearing a dress to a Football Pep Rally is social suicide. (Please don't get offended by my words...if you do, I am not for you!)

"Gianna!!!!! Your eyelashes are a mess!"

Picture it, take your hand and do the "Vulcan Salute" from Star Trek (Google it to get full effect). That's what her eyelashes looked like. I said, "You need help Sista." I always tell the kids, you don't want to be "THAT" kid. You know the one with the thick blue glasses and Ducks Ass.

She said, "MOM!!!!!You never showed me how to do it." I didn't because I never wanted her wearing mascara. All you moms with older kids tell me it's a phase. I am so sick of these "Phases"! Can't we have a phase like this:

"Keep your room clean, towels off the floor, pantyliners off your panties, eat your veggies without bitching, help your mama without her screaming so loud her head spins,  study on your own, never say MOM! You are sooooo annoying, go to bed the first time I ask, wake up the first time I call you, stop eye-rolling at everything I say phase."

We compromised on clear mascara and I guess it's time we have a YOUTUBE lesson on mascara because these girls will do it anyway...and if you think "NOT MY GIRL", I'll pray for you mama!



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