Lose weight eating pizza everyday! Would I lie to you?

Posted Apr 10th, 2019 in Family

Lose weight eating pizza everyday! Would I lie to you?

Hey Mama!

I love pizza! I mean I LOVE PIZZA. Good pizza. Not fast food delivery pizza or frozen pizza. My hubs and kids love pizza. But what I really love is the cheese and the sauce. Ok, maybe just the cheese. I figured out a way to have cheese almost daily. I gave up meat but there is no way in hell I can ever give up Mozzarella, Ricotta or Burrata! Not happening!

I MUST share with you the different ways I eat  "Pizza" on any day that ends in "Y."

1. Egg White Pizza- Hear me out before you stop reading. Why feel bad about yourself after eating 7 -10 slices when you can actually have 1-2 and never feel guilty. Add an egg white pizza, still get the sauce and still get the cheese!

Recipe: Coat pan with olive oil spray. Heat to med-hi. Let 4 Egg whites cook evenly. Place lid over top until cooked. Lower heat. Spread sauce and sprinkle cheese over top, Place lid back on and when cheese is melted, Voila!

2. Cauli- Pizza- Again.... sista or brutha, listen up! It's the heart shaped pic on this blog. Tell me that doesn't look good? 

Recipe: Heat oven to 400. Spray cookie sheet generously. Cook one bag of cauli-rice in the microwave. Pour in bowl, add one egg, 2 TBSP bread crumbs, garlic, Italian seasoning (all optional). Slab on sheet and make a pie or a fun shaped heart. Cook about 10-15 min until ends become crispy. Add sauce and cheese, place back in oven until melted VOILA!

WARNING: You cannot cut and eat like pizza. I put the entire sheet in from of me and eat with a fork or spoon! I eat the whole DAMN THING! And the next day is STILL a weight loss day!

3. Bella Pizza Caps- Wipe off horse manure. Bahahah! Steam in a pan for 5-10 min. I then transfer these to the toaster oven. Easy Peasy! Place on a foiled lined pan. Add Sauce and cheese, cook until melted and warmed!

Secret to my success? I keep these ingredients on my grocery list...... ALWAYS!! 


Pizza Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese

Frozen Cauli- Rice

Bella caps

Spay olive oil

If you try any of these, I would love to hear! 


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