Dear Gianna, from my hips to yours, learn these strategies and NEVER diet in your life!

Posted Mar 31st, 2019 in Family

Dear Gianna, from my hips to yours, learn these strategies and NEVER diet in your life!

Ok mamas, ever look in the mirror while standing in your underwear and grab your rolls and think MY GOD... what the hell is that?  Guilty party of 1! Then I think, I don't want Gianna to ever NOT love her body!

But let's get real for a sec, OK? College gets you the Freshman 15. Then it's your first job and you may or may not have time for a workout because it may get in the way of Happy Hour on any day of the week that ends in "Y." Next you have your wedding and we starve and exercise until our feet fall off.  We are determined to get into the smaller size gown we ordered like Drizella fitting into that glass slipper. (My lowest weight ever!) If you were like Paul and I, we had kids immediately and then the battle for the bulge began. Up, down, up, down, up, down........ UP.......

A Baby

Now here I am raising a girl and I am a trainer, a health and fitness coach, a nutrition expert. My degree is in Kinesiology. I love watching athletes move. I love finding ways  to eat veggies. Yet, I still have the rolls I grab in the mirror. (I had to taste the chocolate cake staring at me at "ZOE'S" last night and by the way it was DAMN Good!) I love to eat treats too and if you know my GG she fights me on everything healthy! To the point where she outed me LIVE on Facebook and had Cosmic Brownies hidden in the dining room hutch. I mean, she is smart, we only go in the dining room twice a year! 

Over the years I have tried to implement strategies in the house so that when my baby girl reached these chaotic, yet best years of her life, she has some knowledge and doesn't go on a cray cray diet where she is starving for 21 days then searching for the last of the Halloween Candy like she's solving a crime. Then tries to help her kid the next day look for the candy he/she is missing that she ate. (But I never did that! You ever?) 

Ok mamas, after years of learning and raising my G, I feel these 5 Strategies are the best to practice, implement and pass on. Have her read these too, let's be real and share the struggle! 

5 Phrases and Strategies to teaching your gal avoid yo-yo dieting:

1. "Drink Water Before your Meal Dear"- the best way to keep weight off! Get her into the habit of drinking water right before her meal. It gives the belly a "base". If we are feeling ravenous, this a perfect way to get control of those hunger strikes! 

2. "Eat Veggies first my lovey"- Let's be real, if we start with the fries we will never get to the rest of the meal. But if we teach them to eat their veggies first, they will fill up on veggies and less likely to eat the higher fat foods! It works, takes time but it works!

3. "You can add a dip Sweetie"- I mean come on..... if Ranch gets them to eat more veggies, who cares. Would you rather have them dip their fries or their veggies.....They will eat a ton more veggies if you allow sauces and not to mention it creates more meal ideas for them! 

4. "You can have lemonade Princess"- this was a hard one for me. But honestly I can get GG to drink more water when she makes her special drinks. And she makes them huge and usually in a shaker cup! We get a bit creative buying teas, stevia, fruits, extracts to add flavor etc... keep an eye out for GG's Healthy Hacks column in our Girl Code Inc. Newsletter! (Not a member? No worries, reach out!)

5. "That's a sometimes food my little monster"-Ok if you say this around Paul, he will repeat and crack up! I have used this phrase since they were little and it has become a phrase when they ask for dessert over and over again.  Try it and stick to it but make it fun and it's ok to laugh about it!

Do you agree with these? Do you have any you all use in your home? Would love to hear! Share with me!

Enjoy the week!


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