"Coffee Talk" presents: The Momo Challenge in the eyes of a 6th grader and a taste test gone wrong!

Posted Mar 18th, 2019 in Food, Family

The Momo challenge was a HOAX! And the stories that GG came home with hysterical!

I can remember when I was in the 5th grade and kids were smashing "Smarties" and snorting them. I can also remember bringing a spoon from home and meeting up with girls in the bathroom and doing this thing where you click the Mirror with a spoon and then Bloody Mary appears. Never worked. Neither did the Ouija Board or the "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board."

I guess this generation needs their Ouija Board, HOAX thingy. Have at it kiddos. Just please leave the munchkins alone watching Peppa Pig. 

We received a letter from the school letting us know that the Momo pic was air dropped and kids were receiving it on their phones. Some kids probably DID have to change their sheets that night. This was nothing less than SILLY!

Later on in this video G and I had a taste test and it was another one gone wrong. These BEETS sat in the box since December because I was afraid to try them. Coming from a mom who tells her kids, "You have to try everything at least once!" I guess I will not be adding beets to my Grocery List anytime soon. Weird Taste. It tasted like a flower or grass to me, YOU?

Enjoy the real, unfiltered, unscripted videos from GG and Myself! If you are a momma and daughter duo, check out Girl Code INC either in here or on FB! We would love to have you! We talk about it all! 



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