What to expect from Girl Code INC

Posted Mar 11th, 2019 in Family

What to expect from Girl Code INC

1.Honesty. Expect that. Expect that I will share with the hopes of helping others see their uniqueness as beauty.

2.Pee your pants Laughter. And this comes a lot easier these days as I get older. Thanks Anthony & GG..... for sitting on my bladder for 20 months so that when I giggle I now may pee. (Yeah mama, I got you!) I want to laugh a little each day and make laughter part of our daily routine. Did you know that a good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles and body relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Laughter boosts the immune system. (We all need that during this FLU season) Hey Boo, I yell, well I also scream but I freaking LOVE to laugh. I LOVE to make others laugh too. Why not help them relieve stress and give them 45 minutes of relaxation AND help their immune system. We all NEED TO DO MORE OF THIS!

3.Open Dialogue about the awkward stuff. Yup! We will bring it. Why? Because hearing about these topics in a "Safe" environment is just AMAZEBALLS! You may not want to hear some of it but your girls do. We crave it. Females love to talk and want to hear from others. That's how we connect. And why not give the men in our lives a little less chatter and share with other women and girls like ourselves! Girl Code INC is a gift to them too. I know Paul and Anthony would love to NOT hear so much Girl Chatter!

4.GOALS! We all need them. Without them we are not working towards ANYTHING. And we have the right to change these goals at anytime. Hey, I have some BIG GOALS for Girl Code INC. Aren't there things in your life that you want to do but you thought, "Am I crazy?" Well, together we will set goals, brainstorm and reach them. We will figure out what it is we are meant to be and do and then go after it. Together we will fail yet not give up. We will realize that failing means we are one step closer to SUCCESS! OH my god, this stuff gets me pumped up! Take a second and think about the craziest goal you ever had....... Now why did you not go after it? I want to hear about what you think is crazy and I want to help you get there!

Our girls need goals and we are going to set goals and teach them how to follow through. ("Following Through"-  I can still hear my sibling saying that I NEVER follow through on ANYTHING. Kills me to this day. It was hurtful but instead, that will be my driving force.) I just had a convo last night with A about this topic. Set a goal and NEVER GIVE UP! No matter how many things or people step in your way, no matter how many times you fail (which I now love to fail...HAHAH), no matter how many times you doubt yourself. We are going to teach these girls that the fire inside their belly is their road to happiness and success. Whether it's being a kick ass stay at home mom or winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Girl Code INC will give them the love and encouragement to reach for the stars!

Now that I just got myself fired up, I'm gonna head out for a jog! LOL

March 23, Girl Code INC launches some pretty kick ass things and I am looking for mamas and daughters to join GG and I in this "crazy" adventure! Stay tuned and sign up for my email!



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