Why I started Girl Code Inc.

Posted Feb 5th, 2019 in Family

Why I started Girl Code Inc.

For the most open, closest relationship I can have with my daughter......... FOREVER.

That was the beginning. I wanted to create a special bond that only G and I have. One that no one can really understand or take away. I wanted us to have the most open, loving, passionate mother-daughter relationship that ever existed.

But with this type of relationship there is a a ton responsibility such as vulnerability, psycho crazed arguments, filterless conversations, lots of tears yet way more laughing so hard you pee your pants moments.  

And I knew there were other girls, moms, daughters, grandmothers, anyone with a "hoo ha" needed this too, they craved it like I do! (get used to my lingo, "hoo ha" is a common term in the Naples House)

My mom and I didn't hit this "mother-daughter relationship peak" until about 3 years before she passed. It was the best 3 years of our relationship. Nothing was off limits. We talked about drugs, sex, children, husbands and we laughed the hardest that we actually DID pee our pants. I needed more of that after she passed. I needed more time with my "butters" as I often called her . I craved it like I crave that god damn pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream once a month! (I swear, that one day every month is like an Out of Body experience because I mentally and physically cannot stop eating anything that has chocolate in it. And mama.....I know you know what I mean, wink wink!)

So, one Christmas weekend after being rejected by a few women very close to me in my life, Girl Code Inc came to me. No, it shook me so hard I was crying with tears of joy because I KNEW that more women felt this way. I knew I had a responsibility to create an environment where we can come together and love hard, fall hard and support the shit out of one another.

I mean come on sistas, from periods, to social media insanity to the moo moo challenge and the MOOD swings, we need each other. But not to bitch and complain. This is not a feminist act. Girls need strong and loving men in their lives and I will not have any of that in this group!  We have to recognize and rise up! Educate and Empower. Cry so hard that we learn how to fight through the toughest times in our life. Laugh so hard that we pee and maybe poop ourselves. (I literally just laughed out loud!) G is a gassy girl, my money is on G that it happens to her first! 

Gianna and I will be your voice, we will get the convos started. The hard ones, the uncomfortable ones, the ones that your girl doesn't want to have with you but maybe will listen to other mamas and sistas in our tribe. The ones that you are afraid of discussing because of the repercussions....... 

Don't you want more of this in your life? I sure as hell do! I CRAVE Girl Code Inc. Stay connected and watch this grow. Sign up for my email list. Listen to real stories and know that you are not alone. Know that I got you boo. Read some of the craziness that goes on in our house and think ......."Oh dear lord, it happens to them too, it's all good!" 

Local and want to come to our next LIVE Girl Code Inc. event? Check us out here on Facebook:


Not Local? Still check us out at the link above....you will soon be able to attend LIVE Virtually! And until then you can still be a apart of the amazing tribe and community we all CRAVE! Let's Educate and Empower together.



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